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Esai Morales in SF Says GHR Doesn’t Need a Filter

In SF Weekly’s interview with Esai Morales, Esai says unlike other major Hollywood films that try to tackle minority issues, “Gun Hill Road” does not have a traditional “Anglo” character to explain “to the rest of America what’s going on.”  Esai goes on to say that because the film is so genuine, raw, and universal, it doesn’t matter if you’re “straight, gay, Republican, Democrat, in between”, you will find something to relate to in it.  It’s universal because everyone has their issues with parents, regardless of background, and that is something that Gun Hill Road addresses with its effortless storytelling.  We’re reminded of how real the issues in this film are when Esai says, “These aren’t decisions people take lightly to go to school dressed as the opposite sex ­— they could lose their life for it, and people have.”  Esai stresses on the unique casting of a transgender actress in transition (Harmony Santana) in the role of Michael/Vanessa.  He adds, “This is a movie from our community for all communities to better understand and embrace our own children.”  Check out the entire interview here.

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